Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 10 Take Your Vlog on the Road!

    This week we had to take our vlog on the road, meaning we had to use a mobile camera instead of the built in webcam on the monitor. The process was considerably more difficult then my previous vlog post process.
    When using the built in webcam, the video was automatically recorded onto the computer, making it that much easier to edit and upload to the internet. I had no problem picking the camera up and finding something to blog about. I ran into a huge obstacle when it came to actually uploading the video onto my computer. For some reason I just couldn't find the time to do this simple task. Yes, I am a procrastinator, but this is a whole new level!
   I discovered this week that I would make a terrible vlogger because I would never post the things I shot. I'm sure that as the children get older this won't be such an issue, but for now, I'd like to stick to the built in camera.
   When I finally did find the time (1am), I uploaded the video to Final Cut Pro X and made a few simple edits. The next problem I encountered was uploading the MOV. file to YouTube. My internet connection cut out over 4 times while trying to upload the video blog. The whole process drove me bonkers!
    Not only that but when I went to embed the video in my eportfolio, WebStarts wouldn't allow it because apparently I have run out of storage space and I need to upgrade to a not free account. UGH! That will never happen because I only have checks! HAHAHAHA!!!! I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be able to pass this class.
    Keep your fingers crossed for me! Here's a link to the vlog.
    And here is a link to my eportfolio, where you can also find a link to the vlog.
    And here is the vlog! Hope that covers all the bases!

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