Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 7: Kindle Kontroversy

   If robotic voices are considered performance then I do believe in the possibility that many AI  are existing among us under a humanlike skin. Seriously, the lawsuit between the Amazon Kindle 2 and The Author's Guild is riddonkulus. The audio reading that the new Kindle 2 offers is in no way infringing on a market. If a person wants a book read to them they are not going to seek out one of those horrible monotone computer voices. Anyone wishing to be entertained will gladly dish out the extra bucks for the author's audio version.
   I think what Kindle 2 has to offer is fantastic. I've always had an issue with disabled people having to shell out more money because they need special accommodations in life. What Kindle 2 has incorporated into the base price of an ebook is simply humane. Through the audio feature it is now possible for blind people to have a book for the same price as seeing people. It makes it more affordable for many disabled populations to enjoy books at a fair price.

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  1. I agree itis redic. I also agree that this ia a great learning tool for many of those people who are auditory learners. What is the huge difference in me reading them the book or a silly computer vioce, nothing really. Of all the things to choose to fuss over, this is plain silly.