Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 5: Creating Art in The Cloud

    Creating art in the Cloud, not only does it sound amazing, it is! Artists no longer have to lug heavy easels, paint, brushes and cleaning supplies around with them. With applications like Brushes, SketchBook Pro for iPad, SketchBook Mobile, Colors, Layers , my personal favorite, Vellum, Artisan and many many more, artists are now able to draw, doodle or paint just about anywhere, anytime.  
    French artist and videographer David Lasnier claims that iPod art has inspired him to pick up his acrylics and start painting agin after a 10 year break. Art Apps are convenient and easy to use. They are a great way to sketch out an idea quickly for reference use in another work of art later. 
   Cloud artists like David Lasnier enjoy the challenges that come with the medium. For example, working on such a small screen and having limited accuracy with brush placement. Lasnier doesn't find himself working too much on his images due to small size. He also takes advantage of saving images so that he can revert back if he doesn't like his alterations. 
   I am totally pumped about creating art in the Cloud and really want to buy one of the aforementioned apps for my iPad2. I know I said that I wanted to remove my presence from the Cloud in Week 2's post but...
What can I say, I'm an artist.

P.S. I liked this quote from David Lasnier.
"I choose objects just because of how I think they will catch the light, not because of their inherent nobility or aura as an contemporary icon."
Ditto homeboy! 


  1. My current favorite iPad app for drawing is SKetchbook Express by Autodesk. And if you buy a stylus too, then it is so much like drawing anywhere else, it's thrilling, but it works okay with your finger as well.

  2. I really want an iPad or iPhone, now! I think that being able to create things is so amazing. Isn't it interesting how disturbing it is when you realize just how caught up you are in the Cloud... but also how irresistible it is! There is always something to intrigue me. Art is one of them, and I love this subject this week. I also really like your blog. The colors are really pretty.