Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 4: Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an awesome nonprofit organization. It allows artists, publishers, musicians and authors to determine the level of duplication/usage protection they wish to place on their work.

John Buckman, founder of Magnatune has also found a way to capitalize on this sense of empowerment the starving musician gains from places like Creative Commons. I believe John's idea to create an environment to help the artist was done with good intention but I cannot help but dislike the direction he is taking it. John Buckman is just as bad as the record labels. Yes, he is sharing other people's hard work for free (what a nice guy) but he is also taking 50% of all their sales. As a musician I couldn't stand listening to this guy going on and on in his faggy little voice about how wonderful he is and how evil all the other record companies are. Vomit! I guess what I have taken away from this weeks lesson is "honk your own horn or someone like John will take at least half of your credit."

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  1. Creative Commons is a great organization for helping artists set their own specific Copyright protections on their works. I, also, agree with you about John Buckman. It's too bad that there couldn't be a better way for him to help the artist without taking so much of the profit. Unfortunately, a lot of "helpful" people are actually only out for money (not everyone, mind you, but we do have to be careful of people who seem a little too nice about some things).